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Karpus Investment Management is a fee-based, independent Registered Investment Advisory firm providing balanced and specialty management including fixed-income (taxable and tax-advantaged), cash, domestic equity and international equity management. We have consistently ranked in the top 1% to 10% of our peers in conservative equity, bond and balanced management for ten-year periods as of December 31, 2017. It is important to judge a manager’s success over full market cycles, recent market cycles have exceeded seven years in length. Any manager may outperform the market for shorter periods of time, but full market cycles separate “luck” from “expertise.” We structure an extensively diversified portfolio that will be designed according to your investment goals and risk tolerance.

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Karpus Investment Management (KIM) is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm providing conservative, long-term investment management for individuals, IRA’s, trusts and institutions including retirement/401(k) plans, corporations, Taft-Harley Funds, endowments and foundations.
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