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Karpus Investment Management

Karpus Investment Management is a fee-based, Investment Advisory firm providing balanced and specialty management of portfolios that can include cash, fixed-income (taxable and tax-advantaged), domestic equity and international equity securities and instruments. For long-term investors, we structure a diversified portfolio designed according to your investment goals and risk tolerance.

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“Economy’s woes do not stop gains for Karpus assets.”

Rochester Business Journal, January 25, 2002

“Karpus has experience on his side.”

Mutual Fund Market News, March 18, 2002

“Former publisher Harry Newton, who had $4.5 million stranded in auction-rate preferred shares that have since been redeemed, called Karpus’ move brilliant. ‘When these activists start screaming and shouting and carrying on, these funds will just buy them off at par,’ he said.”

Maxey, Daisy, Wall Street Journal

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