Municipal Bond Funds May be Undervalued

In our opinion municipal bond closed-end funds (CEF’s) are well positioned for price appreciation in the future. We started a rebound in price on the first trading days of 2019 (source: Bloomberg). However, it is our opinion that these shares are still significantly undervalued. Our research indicates three reasons that we believe substantiates this belief, [...]

529 Plans Just Got A Whole Lot Better

There has been quite a bit of hoopla surrounding the passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, often highlighting the huge change in the personal exemption, in effect doubling it to $10.98 million against gift, estate and generation skipping taxes. The large corporate taxes reduction has also created some buzz. This article will [...]

A Year-End Opportunity in Municipal Bonds

There appears to be a perfect storm on the horizon that could produce a buying opportunity in the municipal bond market. This storm won’t be spurred by the likely increase in the fed funds rate or a concern of default. Rather, the perfect storm I’m referring to could be created by Congress itself. Buried in [...]