Indicators of Future Returns

Returns on stocks and bonds have been quite impressive over the past 10 years ending September 30, 2019. In fact, stocks (as measured by the S&P 500 Index) have had a total return just over 13% per year, while the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond has had a total return of approximately 4% annually1. While it’s [...]

Active vs Passive: A Longer-Term Perspective

Let’s face it, passive investing is all the rage. It makes perfect sense when, since 2011, active large-cap equity management has only outperformed in one year. Some are wondering if active management has any future. In the current black or white, this or that, all or nothing climate of discourse, data gathered by Hartford [...]

Market Forecasts

The huge decline in interest rates and the drop in stock prices leads me to the following forecasts. One of the first things that I think needs to be noted is that the peak in free market interest rates for this cycle occurred in late September.  Interest rates around the world have dropped significantly since [...]

When to Speak to Your Adult Children about Your Finances – The Time is Now

The percentage of people that like to discuss their personal finances with a family member is surprisingly small.  However, it is important for your adult children to be aware of your finances so that they can respect your wishes upon your death.   The passing of a parent is a very emotional time and trying to [...]

A Deep Dive into Fixed Income Asset Allocation

To dive into fixed income asset allocation, first let’s break this into two pieces. Fixed Income How well do you really know fixed income? Many of our clients would tell you that it’s a ladder of bonds, yet the full answer may surprise you. Fixed income by definition includes much more than just bonds­–let’s dive [...]

A Good Time to Invest in Muni Closed-End Funds

Taking advantage of a deal is something that everybody wants to do. It is why individuals wake up at four in the morning on Black Friday to fight crowds and stand in line for hours. It is also the reason shoppers spend the time to clip coupons. In essence, shoppers are willing to seek these [...]

Steps You Can Take to Help Maximize Your 401(K)

In today’s world saving for retirement has predominantly fallen on the shoulders of each individual. It is very rare to find a company that still offers a pension plan or for that matter a healthy employer matching program. If you are with a couple that does have a healthy company match or pension plan, [...]

How to Plan for Inflation in Retirement

Economists define inflation as “a general increase in prices and fall in purchasing power of money.” In recent years inflation has not been a hot topic as it has been relatively tame over the last decade. It has in fact averaged less than 2% over the last decade. Many believe that with rates of inflation [...]

Alternative Energy – Is it Time to Consider?

We heat and cool our homes, drive our vehicles for pleasure and necessity and work comfortably in a temperature controlled environment. Energy isn't a forethought, until we get the bill for all this convenience and realize the financial pain. Factors relating to the end-user are complex and involve the economics of supply and demand, geopolitical [...]

The Markets Underlying Heat This Summer

The domestic stock market has been range-bound for the past six months. Observers and participants continue to see spectacular earnings growth through the second quarter of 2018 and expectations are for close to 20% earnings growth for the year.[1] In fact, such growth has actually caused price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios to compress from high levels to [...]