How Your Brain Impacts Your Investment Decisions

The Golden Rule of Investing is “Buy Low, Sell High”. Seems rather simple and easy to follow, so why do individual investors consistently underperform market indices? Despite the simplicity of the rule, it turns out it’s difficult to implement. Countless factors impact how individuals make decisions on a daily basis, and, generally speaking, these factors [...]

Is Your Investment Manager Acting in Your Best Interests?

As an investor, how can you be sure that your investment manager is providing you the best advice in terms of how your assets are invested? Is this something you ever think about? It should be. The difference is significant. Basically, there are two standards of care. One is the “Suitability Standard” and the other [...]

Investment Behaviors to Avoid

After enjoying solid investment returns in 2017, investors this year have experienced higher than usual volatility in the stock market and headwinds in the bond market.  Rising interest rates and trade tensions have been causing uncertainty in the markets.  While some investors take this in stride, others find it particularly disconcerting.  By all measures, investors [...]

When to Speak to Your Adult Children about Your Finances – The Time is Now

The percentage of people that like to discuss their personal finances with a family member is surprisingly small.  However, it is important for your adult children to be aware of your finances so that they can respect your wishes upon your death.   The passing of a parent is a very emotional time and trying to [...]

Biggest Mistake Investors Make

Over the last 49 years, I have met with thousands of individual investors, and have been a student of the markets and investor behavior. Why are some investors successful and why do others fail? Dalbar (an independent research firm) studied investor results in equity mutual funds over a 30 year period and found that the [...]

Successful Stock Investing

As we all know, the stock market is currently experiencing a significant bull market. It has been a powerful 8 ½ years with cumulative gains over 300% (including reinvested dividends). Equity investors have been rewarded handsomely for staying invested. Most people own stocks in their 401k/retirement accounts and in personal savings. This is good. Why [...]