Is Your Investment Manager Acting in Your Best Interests?

As an investor, how can you be sure that your investment manager is providing you the best advice in terms of how your assets are invested? Is this something you ever think about? It should be. The difference is significant. Basically, there are two standards of care. One is the “Suitability Standard” and the other [...]

Investment Behaviors to Avoid

After enjoying solid investment returns in 2017, investors this year have experienced higher than usual volatility in the stock market and headwinds in the bond market.  Rising interest rates and trade tensions have been causing uncertainty in the markets.  While some investors take this in stride, others find it particularly disconcerting.  By all measures, investors [...]

Why Bonds Should Be in Your Investment Portfolio

The US stock market has made tremendous gains since the 2009.  Since March 31st, 2009 to September 30th 2018, the S&P 500 Index is up an annualized rate of 17.03%.  Stock investors have benefited greatly and they have seen the results in their retirement plans and personal investment accounts.   A number of factors have led [...]

Relying on Consensus

Simply stated, markets are groups of people who put money behind their opinions. An aggregate of these opinions forms a consensus. When new information about that consensus is injected into the system, people then react. They pull money from one place and put it where they now believe their updated opinions will flourish into profits. [...]

Time to Protect Your Portfolio

Applying the Lessons from The Great Recession to 2018   This has been a roller coaster year in the markets. As of November 20, 2018, the S&P 500 was on the verge of its second 10% correction for the year. (Source: Yardeni Research, Inc. 11/16/18.) Not surprisingly, 67% of asset classes had negative returns as [...]

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The Benefits of International Investing

It can be a common practice for U.S. investors to focus a large portion of their equity allocation on domestic stocks.  This is commonly referred to as a “Home Bias”.  With the recent outperformance in returns of domestic vs international stocks, it is most likely the case the average investor is even more heavily [...]

When to Speak to Your Adult Children about Your Finances – The Time is Now

The percentage of people that like to discuss their personal finances with a family member is surprisingly small.  However, it is important for your adult children to be aware of your finances so that they can respect your wishes upon your death.   The passing of a parent is a very emotional time and trying to [...]

A Deep Dive into Fixed Income Asset Allocation

To dive into fixed income asset allocation, first let’s break this into two pieces. Fixed Income How well do you really know fixed income? Many of our clients would tell you that it’s a ladder of bonds, yet the full answer may surprise you. Fixed income by definition includes much more than just bonds­–let’s dive [...]

Despite Strong Economy, Federal Deficit Soars

One item that seems to have been forgotten, or at least received very little press coverage, is that despite having a very strong economy, the Federal Deficit is going up at a time it would be expected to be dropping. Recently it was announced that in fiscal year 2018, the federal deficit rose to its [...]

Historic Bull Market Continues to Run

Last August the current bull market became the longest in history and exceeded the decade-long bull market of the 1990s. Since the Great Recession in 2008, monetary policy through the use of multiple rounds of quantitative easing programs and ultra-low interest rates, has fueled the economy to the healthy state we witness today. In fact, [...]