Market Forecasts

The huge decline in interest rates and the drop in stock prices leads me to the following forecasts. One of the first things that I think needs to be noted is that the peak in free market interest rates for this cycle occurred in late September.  Interest rates around the world have dropped significantly since [...]

The Importance of the Euro

You may think the Euro has been around for many decades. However, that is not true. The Euro was first introduced to the financial markets in 1999 and banknotes began circulating in 2002. The Eurozone consists of 19 countries in Europe that use the Euro as their official currency. In contrast, the European Union is [...]

Alternative Energy – Is it Time to Consider?

We heat and cool our homes, drive our vehicles for pleasure and necessity and work comfortably in a temperature controlled environment. Energy isn't a forethought, until we get the bill for all this convenience and realize the financial pain. Factors relating to the end-user are complex and involve the economics of supply and demand, geopolitical [...]

The Markets Underlying Heat This Summer

The domestic stock market has been range-bound for the past six months. Observers and participants continue to see spectacular earnings growth through the second quarter of 2018 and expectations are for close to 20% earnings growth for the year.[1] In fact, such growth has actually caused price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios to compress from high levels to [...]

All Central Banks are Not Created Equal

In the United States, the federal government is in charge of its own fiscal policy (i.e., taxes and spending). State and local governments work along the same lines but on a smaller scale. Monetary policy, on the other hand, is set by an independent quasi-government group called The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve (the Fed) [...]