Market Forecasts

The huge decline in interest rates and the drop in stock prices leads me to the following forecasts. One of the first things that I think needs to be noted is that the peak in free market interest rates for this cycle occurred in late September.  Interest rates around the world have dropped significantly since [...]

Why Bonds Should Be in Your Investment Portfolio

The US stock market has made tremendous gains since the 2009.  Since March 31st, 2009 to September 30th 2018, the S&P 500 Index is up an annualized rate of 17.03%.  Stock investors have benefited greatly and they have seen the results in their retirement plans and personal investment accounts.   A number of factors have led [...]

Despite Strong Economy, Federal Deficit Soars

One item that seems to have been forgotten, or at least received very little press coverage, is that despite having a very strong economy, the Federal Deficit is going up at a time it would be expected to be dropping. Recently it was announced that in fiscal year 2018, the federal deficit rose to its [...]

Historic Bull Market Continues to Run

Last August the current bull market became the longest in history and exceeded the decade-long bull market of the 1990s. Since the Great Recession in 2008, monetary policy through the use of multiple rounds of quantitative easing programs and ultra-low interest rates, has fueled the economy to the healthy state we witness today. In fact, [...]

The Importance of the Euro

You may think the Euro has been around for many decades. However, that is not true. The Euro was first introduced to the financial markets in 1999 and banknotes began circulating in 2002. The Eurozone consists of 19 countries in Europe that use the Euro as their official currency. In contrast, the European Union is [...]

Self Investing: The Many Reasons Not To

These days there is an ever-increasing list of resources for investors seeking advice, including Financial Advisors or Brokers, Wealth Managers, and Estate and Financial Planners.  However, there remain a large number of investors who feel that, for a variety of reasons, self management of their investment portfolio makes sense for them.  This includes a [...]

Mid-term Election Years Could Provide Unique Buying Opportunity

Volatility has returned after a historical period of very tepid market action. January witnessed the peak of optimism as tailwinds from tax reform created a euphoric start to the year and stocks rallied nearly six percent for the month. However, signs of an overheating economy that was receiving fiscal stimulus at the later stages of [...]

2018 Taxes and the Markets

The 2016 election of Donald Trump awakened capitalism in the United States with hopes of less regulation and lower taxes for corporations. President Trump’s mandate that every new regulation must eliminate two regulations is a simple yet effective way to maintain regulatory control while reducing some of the burdens of onerous regulations. The biggest beneficiary [...]

Who Pays Taxes?

In the midst of the debate on tax reform, it’s important to first understand who pays taxes and how much they pay. The data for this article was utilized from the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. First, the largest source, or 47.3% is paid to the government through personal taxes. Payment by various [...]