Options for Early Distributions from Your 401(k)

Want to Retire Early? Here Are your Options for Early Distributions from Your 401(k) According to the U.S. Census Bureau the average retirement age in the United States is about age 63. The age the IRS allows you to withdrawal money penalty free from your retirement accounts is age 59½. But what if you want to [...]

Steps You Can Take to Help Maximize Your 401(K)

In today’s world saving for retirement has predominantly fallen on the shoulders of each individual. It is very rare to find a company that still offers a pension plan or for that matter a healthy employer matching program. If you are with a couple that does have a healthy company match or pension plan, [...]

Getting More for Your Money

When planning for retirement, investors are bombarded with complex decisions that could ultimately impact reaching their financial goals. Most are widely known, such as the importance of asset allocation (i.e. your composition of stocks, bonds, and alternatives). Additional important obstacles include your comprehensive investment plan, year-end tax planning strategies, budget planning, and re-balancing toward target [...]

Inherited IRA – the forgotten IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs have been available to investors for many years.  Although contribution and deduction limits have changed over the years these accounts are an important piece of retirement planning.  An IRA account can hold many different types of investments and can be held at a variety of custodians such as a bank, [...]