Year End Investment Checklist

As we approach the end of 2019 there is still time for some very important financial and investment planning items before the calendar turns to 2020. Here are a few to consider if you have not done so already: Retirement Plan Contributions: If you have the opportunity to participate in an employer sponsored plan like [...]

Withrdrawal Considerations for IRAs

An individual retirement account (IRA) is an important savings vehicle that allows individuals to make pre tax contributions into their own investment portfolio. There are annual contribution and household income limits to determine your investment for the given year. The contributions can be deducted on your taxes and the investments in the account grow tax-free [...]

Why Bonds Should Be in Your Investment Portfolio

The US stock market has made tremendous gains since the 2009.  Since March 31st, 2009 to September 30th 2018, the S&P 500 Index is up an annualized rate of 17.03%.  Stock investors have benefited greatly and they have seen the results in their retirement plans and personal investment accounts.   A number of factors have led [...]

Building Your Investment Portfolio

Did you ever ask your financial advisor how they specifically add investment securities into your portfolio?  What analysis have they done to build a well diversified portfolio? Do the holdings in your portfolio keep you safe in times of volatility? As consumers, when we purchase automobiles, smart phones, or anything else, do we know exactly [...]

Checklist for your portfolio in 2018

With the recent market correction and volatility increasing more this year than in the past, many investors are wondering how to position their portfolio going forward.  This month will mark the ninth anniversary of this long-term historical bull market.  The fundamentals are there for this current market to grind higher going forward but it [...]

Inherited IRA – the forgotten IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs have been available to investors for many years.  Although contribution and deduction limits have changed over the years these accounts are an important piece of retirement planning.  An IRA account can hold many different types of investments and can be held at a variety of custodians such as a bank, [...]