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Interest rates around the world have declined to some of the lowest levels in my lifetime of 70 plus years. The 30-year U.S. Treasury was at its lowest yield ever in August1 since being first issued in the mid 1980’s. The long-term (30-year) U.S. Treasury is selling at a yield that is about ¼ of [...]

2019-09-20T06:39:11-05:00September, 2019|George Karpus, Published in the Daily Record|

Active vs Passive: A Longer-Term Perspective

Let’s face it, passive investing is all the rage. It makes perfect sense when, since 2011, active large-cap equity management has only outperformed in one year. Some are wondering if active management has any future. In the current black or white, this or that, all or nothing climate of discourse, data gathered by Hartford [...]

Withrdrawal Considerations for IRAs

An individual retirement account (IRA) is an important savings vehicle that allows individuals to make pre tax contributions into their own investment portfolio. There are annual contribution and household income limits to determine your investment for the given year. The contributions can be deducted on your taxes and the investments in the account grow tax-free [...]

The SECURE Act – The Good and the Bad

There are potentially impactful changes to the laws regarding employer’s qualified plans and family savings plans in the works right now in Congress. These changes, if enacted into law, would require amending retirement plans to reflect mandatory and elective changes. The U.S. House passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act by [...]

2019-08-02T10:29:45-05:00August, 2019|Published in the Daily Record, Scott Hansen|

Not Even Experts can predict the direction of Interest Rates

At the end of 2018, the interest rate on a 10-Year Treasury bond was 2.7%. The belief among professionals at this time was that interest rates would rise in 2019.1 These economists believed Trump’s tax cuts and continued economic momentum would ignite growth and inflation, thus higher interest rates. Very few of these professionals forecasted [...]

Buying Premium Municipal Bonds at a Discount

Everybody likes a bargain. One such bargain today lies in municipal bond closed-end funds. Although they are not as attractive as they have been at in other points in time, municipal bond closed-end funds currently have an average discount to net asset value of around six percent. This means that investors can purchase $1.00 worth [...]

Honest Measurement as to How Your Monies Are Managed

In the last 35 plus years we have experienced a great “bull” market in both stocks and bonds. The stock market as measured by The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gone from 1000 in 1982 to over 25,000 today. Interest rates as measured by the 30 year U.S. Treasury have declined from over 12% in [...]

2019-06-14T08:58:26-05:00June, 2019|George Karpus, Published in the Daily Record|

Beneficiary Review

The most important gift that you can leave your heirs is a well thought out transition of property. Circumstances change in life. It could be divorce, death, deciding to no longer enable grown children to live beyond their means or different causes that initiate a change in beneficiaries or the form in which you choose [...]

Is It Halloween In May?

This time each year investment pundits suggest we should “sell in May and go away”. The reason is that historical stock market returns in the U.S. have shown a tendency to be worse in the “summery” months of May through October and much better in the “wintery” months of November through April. You may also [...]

Asset Allocation will Help Meet Your Financial Goals

The stock market experienced a quick and powerful correction during the 4th quarter of 2018, led by global growth concerns, trade wars, and a hawkish Fed. However, these concerns have since abated, and the stock market was able to recover and produce new all-time highs. Nevertheless, the latest correction served as a reminder for when [...]