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Market Forecasts

The huge decline in interest rates and the drop in stock prices leads me to the following forecasts. One of the first things that I think needs to be noted is that the peak in free market interest rates for this cycle occurred in late September.  Interest rates around the world have dropped significantly since [...]

Mid-term Election Years Could Provide Unique Buying Opportunity

Volatility has returned after a historical period of very tepid market action. January witnessed the peak of optimism as tailwinds from tax reform created a euphoric start to the year and stocks rallied nearly six percent for the month. However, signs of an overheating economy that was receiving fiscal stimulus at the later stages of [...]

2018 Income Taxes – Itemize or take standard deduction?

Benjamin Franklin wrote that “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. Now that most have filed their 2017 return (some take the six month extension), it is time to look at 2018. The new tax law has made many major changes from the past and Franklin notwithstanding, there is a lot of uncertainty about 2018 [...]

Notes on the Current Great Bull Market

A bull market is often accompanied by extreme investor confidence and optimism. It can be euphoric with a feeling that nothing can go wrong as the stock market continually reaches new highs. Historically, as a whole, U.S. businesses have increased earnings and technology has helped improve efficiency and productivity. People take notice, so they [...]

Welcome Back Higher Bond Yields

From their recent low of 2% in September 2017 to present, the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond has risen approximately 0.8%.  This is a fairly big move in a short period of time. As bond investors know, rising rates are synonymous with falling prices.  Thus, bond investors must endure some short-term pain to achieve [...]

The Opportunity in Volatility

As we move into the second quarter of 2018 the stock market has entered into a period of increased volatility.  Market volatility, as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), is widely used to gauge investor fear in the market.  The VIX had been trading at a historically subdued level for all of 2017, and [...]

Sneaking in the Backdoor

Roth IRAs are a great way for many investors to build tax-free retirement savings.  Unfortunately, the ability to contribute directly to a Roth IRA is phased out for high income earners. In 2018, the ability to contribute directly begins to phase out starting at $120,000 for individual filers and completely phases out at $135,000.  For [...]

Getting More for Your Money

When planning for retirement, investors are bombarded with complex decisions that could ultimately impact reaching their financial goals. Most are widely known, such as the importance of asset allocation (i.e. your composition of stocks, bonds, and alternatives). Additional important obstacles include your comprehensive investment plan, year-end tax planning strategies, budget planning, and re-balancing toward target [...]

Checklist for your portfolio in 2018

With the recent market correction and volatility increasing more this year than in the past, many investors are wondering how to position their portfolio going forward.  This month will mark the ninth anniversary of this long-term historical bull market.  The fundamentals are there for this current market to grind higher going forward but it [...]

Will Inflation be the Final Push of this Bull Market?

The US dollar fell 14.4% against the Euro in the last 12 months, and so far in 2018, it has fallen 4.4% against the Japanese Yen. What implications does this have for our economy? Roughly speaking, 2/3 of Gross Domestic Product is comprised of consumption. To add to this, the Unites States is a [...]