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The Complexity of Non-Profit Investing

For over 30 years KIM has assisted non-profit clients in achieving their goals and objectives. We are proud of the above benchmark returns and returns above other managers that we have generated for our clients over market cycles. Increased returns aid our non-profits clients’ in achieving their mission of service.


How We Can Help

Dedicated Relationship Team

With our client-focused approach, understanding is key. Being able to execute a financial plan, a path for goal achievement and offering peace of mind are necessary in any successful relationship. We are available to you according to your needs.

Risk Management

You’ve worked hard to get where you are and guarding those assets is a responsibility…one that we take very seriously. With strong procedural safeguards and a conservative, long-term approach that over time produces superior returns, we’re here to reduce risk for our clients. We structure an extensively diversified portfolio that will be designed according to your investment goals and risk tolerance.


We have consistently ranked in the top 1% to 10% of our peers in conservative equity, bond and balanced management for ten-year periods as of December 31, 2017. It is important to judge a manager’s success over full market cycles. Recent market cycles have exceeded seven years in length. Any manager may outperform the market for shorter periods of time, but full market cycles separate “luck” from “expertise.”

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