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Protecting Your Family’s Capital

At Karpus, we understand the importance and complexities of single-family office (SFO) and multi-family office (MFO) investments. Protecting your family’s capital, while maintaining steady gains you can count on is important. We can help ensure the longevity of your capital and how it will reach future generations.

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How We Can Help

Shareholder Activism

We repeatedly contact the management companies and Boards of Directors of the closed-end funds in which we invest, to hold them accountable for both net asset value performance and a closed-end fund’s discount. Through this dialogue, we have unlocked significant value for our clients, as well as other shareholders.

Enhanced Indexing

Because of our investment strategy of buying closed-end funds at discounts, we often times pay 10-20% less than what a fund’s assets are actually worth. If discounts aren’t as attractive as we’d like to see them, we purchase mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), individual Treasuries, or other securities until closed-end funds are in our predetermined buy ranges.

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Educating the Next Generation

Karpus plans to provide long-term solutions for our clients, which includes educating the next generation. Investment strategies often change to fit the developing environments of our clients, so we’re here with continued support for those who may come to us down the line. We want to be a solution for the present and the future so we are proactive in providing services that fit many different needs.

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