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Our Mission

Karpus Investment Management’s ongoing mission is to achieve top-quartile results over three to five year periods based on each client’s risk and return objectives.

Personal Service

A dedicated Karpus relationship manager will work closely with you to understand your investment objectives and goals. Karpus portfolios are individually managed according to each client’s goals, income needs, risk tolerance, tax considerations and wealth-transfer strategies. We are available to answer questions.

Fiduciary Duty

Karpus Investment Management is organized as a Registered Investment Advisor (as opposed to a broker dealer) and operates under the Fiduciary Standard of Care. We have an undivided duty of loyalty to act solely in your best interest.

Performance Reporting

We come to an agreement with each client in determining the benchmark used for performance comparison. The benchmark shows if we are meeting our goals over specific time periods.

Singular Focus/Independence

Our expertise is managing investment portfolios. As a fee-based, SEC-registered investment adviser, our only business is managing your money. We do not sell commission products or work on commission. We work strictly for you. All assets are held in separate custodial accounts, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Asset Allocation

We will consult with you to determine an appropriate asset allocation suitable for your goals, investment horizon and tolerance for risk.


We remain objective and make rational investment decisions in the midst of emotionally charged financial situations. We believe that this allows us to make better decisions on our client’s behalf.

Who We Serve

Investment Managers for Non-Profits