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Karpus Investment Management is a fee-based, independent Registered Investment Advisory firm providing balanced and specialty management including fixed-income (taxable and tax-advantaged), cash, domestic equity and international equity management. We have consistently ranked in the top 1% to 10% of our peers in conservative equity, bond and balanced management for ten-year periods as of December 31, 2017. It is important to judge a manager’s success over full market cycles, recent market cycles have exceeded seven years in length. Any manager may outperform the market for shorter periods of time, but full market cycles separate “luck” from “expertise.” We structure an extensively diversified portfolio that will be designed according to your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Investment Philosophy

  • Conservative, long-term management: KIM’s first priority is preservation of capital. Through extensive diversification, portfolio managers place tight reins on risk factors that threaten investment performance.
  • Extensive diversification: Karpus uses closed-end, open-end, and exchange-traded funds. Over a 10-year period, a typical Karpus account may use more than 100 different management companies, 25 different investment styles, 350 different funds, and 12,000 securities worldwide to provide clients with the best possible returns.
  • Independence and objectivity: Our fee-based approach ensures strict focus on customer needs without the conflicts of interest inherent in selling products on commission.
  • Right size: Karpus Investment Management is the ideal size to maximize client returns while minimizing client risk. We are large enough to deploy sophisticated resources for uncovering market inefficiencies—such as opportunities in closed-end funds—yet nimble enough to take advantage of these opportunities on your behalf. Performance is our priority.
  • Transparency and accountability: KIM adheres to the highest standards of operational integrity. All assets are held in separate custodial accounts at an individual bank or brokerage account in your name. This is an essential safeguard for your assets.
  • Expert asset allocation: All portfolios are individually managed according to your investment goals and objectives. We also can take into account outside tax events, such as capital gains and losses, for higher after-tax returns.
  • Personal service: KIM professionals are available according to your needs. We are experienced in personal trust administration and tax reporting, and can work with your tax and legal advisers to ensure seamless coordination.
  • Expert proprietary research: KIM delivers objective decision-making based on fundamentals, experience and tested metrics.
  • Exploitation of market inefficiencies: KIM monitors markets to uncover overlooked securities that offer uncommon value.
  • Price-efficient trading: KIM employs sophisticated trading technologies to optimize the timing of asset purchases and sales to get the best price for you.
  • Employee ownership: KIM’s employee-owners so strongly believe in the firm’s investment strategies that the vast majority of employee assets are managed by KIM. We eat our own cooking.

Company History

KIM was founded in 1986 by George Karpus, formerly a Senior Trust Investment Officer of a large commercial bank. With strong ownership by employees, the company has grown to include a management team that brings demonstrated expertise in investment management, client service and operational excellence. KIM manages approximately $3 billion in client assets for institutions and high net worth individuals. For more than 30 years, the firm has been helping clients reach their goals in bull markets, bear markets and everything in between.

Close-up: George Karpus began his investment career in 1969 with Bache and Co. Later, he joined Marine Midland Bank and was part of the bank’s investment policy committee. He co-founded Karpus Investment Management in 1986. In 2003, George was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He has been featured in numerous leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron’s and Forbes.

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