Karpus Composite vs Morningstar Average Balanced Fund*

Periods ending 06/30/19

Growth Balanced Performance

*The Morningstar Average Balanced Fund is the weighted average return of all funds in categories classified as balanced by Morningstar. These include US Fund Allocation – 30% to 50% Equity, US Fund Allocation – 50% to 70% Equity, US Fund Allocation 70% to 85% Equity, US Fund Target Date 2000-2010, US Fund Convertibles, US Fund Long-Short Equity, US Fund Market Neutral, and US Fund Multialternative.

Results include reinvestment of dividends and distributions.
All returns are presented net of actual fees paid.
Past Performance does not guarantee future results.
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How Our Process is Different

  • Through internal research, our investment team works together to generate independent and unbiased ideas.
  • Our insight and extensive experience in closed-end funds may identify opportunities others may miss.
  • Our firm’s agility allows us to capitalize on fundamentally attractive market inefficiencies as they arise.

Our Goal

We emphasize conservative, long-term investment management with the goal of preserving capital while building wealth. Your KIM professional will work closely with you to determine your asset allocation based on your age, tax bracket, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, need for income and wealth-management goals.

If you are a conservative, long-term investor looking for personalized asset allocation, please contact us today.

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