How Our Process is Different

  • Through internal research, our investment team works together to generate independent ideas.
  • Our insight and extensive experience in closed-end funds may identify opportunities others may miss.
  • Our firm’s agility allows us to capitalize on fundamentally attractive market inefficiencies as they arise.
  • Karpus Investment Management provides both domestic and international equity management.


Karpus Composite vs Morningstar 65% Average Domestic Stock Fund-35% Average International Stock Fund

Periods ending 12/31/20
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Our Equity-Management Methodology Emphasizes:

  • Multi-asset diversification:
    • Asset diversification encompasses investment style, asset class, domestic and international, large-, mid- and small-cap stocks along with growth and value styles.
  • Market inefficiencies:
    • KIM monitors markets to uncover overlooked securities that KIM believes offers value. These include closed-end funds trading at discounts to their net asset value and exchange-traded funds providing diversification.
  • Efficient trading:
    • KIM employs trading technologies to effect asset purchases and sales. Our goal is to deliver value to your portfolio by selling assets when they reach upper valuation targets or when similar securities can be purchased for better relative values.

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